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Shoto or Shou – Guild Leader, Rogue Boy, & Demon Slayer

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March 28, 2015

Originally From

Vietnam - USA

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Shoto is a VTuber known for his adorable puppy-like behavior and appearance. Often referred to as a "dog boy" or "good boy," Shoto captivates his audience with his cute dog ears and tail. During his streams, he showcases his softer side by speaking in a soothing, ASMR-like voice and imitating dog-like mannerisms. Shoto's talents extend beyond his adorable demeanor; he is a skilled singer and frequently shares his song covers on his YouTube channel. While he engages in playful banter with his Guildies, often being teased and bullied in good fun, Shoto ensures that things don't go too far and maintains a supportive and appreciative attitude towards his community and friends. As the Guild Leader of the Adventurer's Guild, Shoto's fans, known as "Guildies," deeply admire and support him.