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September 17, 2021

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Shee Icho is a female VTuber and a member of Kawaii's second generation, along with Aruru Gray, Namiji Freesia, Neena Makurano, and Lua Asuka. Shee works as a maid at a puppy café, spending her days pampering dogs, baking treats, and playing fetch while their humans are at work. She is an energetic and excitable girl who is passionate about video games and anime. Despite being a bit clumsy, Shee always strives to do her best. Working at the café surrounded by dogs inspired her to become a Vtuber and make more human friends. Shee's journey began in October 2021 when she created her Twitter account and YouTube channel, eventually making her official debut in November. Since then, she has achieved several milestones, including becoming a YouTube partner, opening her channel's membership feature, and collaborating on her first official cover song. Shee's fans, known as "Pawtners," and her YouTube channel members, called "Puppuccinos," adore her. Shee loves dogs, plushies, cartoons, anime, hedgehogs, video games, baking, crafts, music, and spooky stuff. Her favorite games include titles like Titanfall 2, Outlast, Journey, and more, while she dislikes hot dogs, mac and cheese, scary bugs, and being bored. Shee's favorite colors are pink, baby blue, yellow, and purple, and she has a fear of spiders and murky water.