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March 22, 2022

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Serafina is a virtual influencer and VTuber with a captivating backstory set in ancient virtual Egypt. Born as a Jackal Demigoddess created by the god of War, Setekh, Serafina was devoid of emotions until she was saved by a human girl after being struck down by Horus, the god of Sky and Kingship. Despite her savior's allegiance to Horus, Serafina grew soft and cared for humans. Tragically, Setekh killed the girl, sparking Serafina's fury, which led to her eventual defeat. Seeking refuge in a pyramid, Serafina fell into a coma beside the girl's coffin. When she awoke, the war was over, and Serafina was free. Grateful to the girl who showed her kindness, Serafina now seeks to understand and connect with humans. Debuting on bilibili in December 2021 and subsequently on YouTube in March 2022, Serafina has since gained a significant following and multiple costumes. With her mecha-themed outfits and the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English, Serafina is eager to explore the human world and engage with her audience.