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April 3, 2018

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Virtual Robot Roboco-san, also known as Miss Robogirl, is a prominent Japanese VTuber and a member of Hololive Generation 0. She debuted as a solo VTuber before the establishment of generations, and now she is part of a group that includes Tokino Sora, Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, and AZKi. Roboco-san is a robot girl with a killer instinct and a love for striking poses. She excels at shooting, except in video games, where she prefers to run over people. Despite her calm and whispered voice, she dislikes surprises in games. Roboco-san is recognized for her signature biker jacket with red stripes, black rimmed glasses, and unique lower body attire. Throughout her career, she has reached various milestones in terms of YouTube subscribers and has released original songs. With her ever-evolving appearance and charismatic personality, Roboco-san continues to captivate her fans, known as "Robosa," and establish her presence as a virtual influencer and VTuber.