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April 26, 2021

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RiiKami, also known as Kami, is an independent English Virtual Content Creator who specializes in Music and ASMR. With his royal-like and egotistical character, Kami brings a unique personality to his streams and collaborations on Twitch. Despite his chaotic and humorous nature, Kami is known for his kindness, selflessness, and protectiveness towards his loved ones. His passion and hard work drive him to be someone worth following, and his adoring community supports him wholeheartedly. With his distinctive appearance, including a lean build, towering height, and striking hair styles, Kami's model reflects his royal persona. Adorned with a crown, sharp sapphire blue eyes, and signature scars, Kami's look embodies his yandere king persona. While his banter with his community is playful, Kami ensures that his obsessions know they are cherished and loved. RiiKami is an intriguing and captivating virtual influencer, creating a unique experience for his followers.