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July 22, 2022

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Regis Altare is a male English VTuber endorsed by Hololive's branch HolostarsEnglish. He is one of the four founding members of "TEMPUS" debuting in July 2022 alongside Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, and Noir Vesper. Altare, the founder of Adventurer’s Guild TEMPUS, is known for his earnest straightforwardness and his dislike for stagnation and the status quo. Despite his sometimes bungling nature, Altare's popularity among his peers is inexplicable. With a sweet voice and a relaxed personality, he is both kind and protective towards his Tempus companions. Altare has a mischievous side and often claims to be a Demon Lord, but he still identifies as a seiso idol. Altare's fanbase, known as "Altventurer" or alternatively "Cultare," admire him for his leadership role and respect him within the Tempus group. Altare's journey in the virtual world began in July 2022, and since then, he has achieved various milestones, including releasing an original song and participating in collaborations with other VTubers.