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September 11, 2021

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Oumiya Emma (大宮えま) is an independent female VTuber who was formerly affiliated with Aetheria and was a member of the 2nd Generation CyberAlter in the previous CyberLive alongside Kurohana Inori, Iekushi Chapipi, Alchemilla Menace, and Inami Yoki. Known for her ability to speak English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Bahasa Indonesia, Emma's captivating story revolves around her past as a fallen angel banished from heaven for protecting a child who committed a heinous act. Now known as Oumiya Emma, she has transformed into a demonic dungeon boss haunting Alteria's peace, becoming a target for adventurers seeking to challenge her. With a YouTube channel created in November 2021 and a Twitter account established in August of the same year, Emma has steadily grown her following, reaching milestones such as 10,000 subscribers in December 2021, 50,000 subscribers in February 2022, and 70,000 subscribers in December 2022. After Aetheria disbanded in October 2022, Emma celebrated her first year anniversary, debuting her 3D model and continuing her journey as an independent VTuber. With a passion for food, cats, art, gaming, and waifus, Emma aims to make friends, improve her singing skills, release an original song, and achieve world domination.