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大空スバル | 大空スバルのインスタ🐣 🍉Hololive 🐳I live in somewhere japan! 🌞studying English.

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September 16, 2018

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Oozora Subaru, a female Japanese VTuber associated with Hololive, is a tomboyish and extroverted personality known for her optimistic outlook on life. Despite facing numerous challenges, including a Ventricular Septal Defect, being hit by a car, and losing her home in a fire, Subaru remains confident and hardworking. Acting as a tsukkomi, she often points out the ridiculousness of others' actions, making her the butt of many jokes. Subaru's appearance reflects her tomboyish nature, with her short hair and baseball fan attire. She is known for her catchphrase "shuba shuba shuba" and has a penchant for horror games. Despite her tough experiences, Subaru always finds a way to smile and joke, making her an endearing presence in the virtual influencer community.