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August 16, 2020

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Omaru Polka is a lively and entertaining female Japanese VTuber associated with Hololive. She joined as part of the fifth generation of VTubers, bringing her vibrant personality to the virtual world alongside her fellow members. With a background in circus performance, Polka captivates her audience with acrobatics and a spirit that never fails to impress. Her streams are known for their chaos and unpredictability, as she jumps from topic to topic, often veering off into tangents and getting easily distracted during games. Polka's silliness and spunk shine through, making her a beloved figure among her fans, who fondly refer to her as the entire circus. Despite occasional pranks and teasing from her fellow Hololive members and chat, Polka continues to charm her audience with her unique energy and distinctive laugh. Her streams and 3D performances showcase her talent for using various instruments and her knack for comedic storytelling. With her endearing personality and lively presence, Omaru Polka has become a beloved virtual influencer in the world of VTubing.