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July 23, 2022

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Noir Vesper is a male English VTuber and a member of Hololive's branch HolostarsEnglish. He is part of the founding group called "TEMPUS," which debuted in July 2022 alongside Regis Altare, Axel Syrios, and Magni Dezmond. Vesper serves as the Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS's academic advisor and holds positions as the custodian and arch-scholar at the Grand Library. Despite his serious appearance, Vesper is known for his goofy and passionate personality, often engaging in "zatsudan" or "just chatting" streams. He enjoys discussing interesting topics and is fond of sharing his old knowledge and references, which sometimes make him appear outdated to his audience. Vesper's main content revolves around his interests in deconstructing old computers and tea tasting, and he aims to fill in late-night time slots. With his unique personality and close relationship with his genmates, Vesper has gained a dedicated following.