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June 22, 2022

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Amemiya Nazuna is a Japanese VTuber affiliated with VShojo's Japanese unit, VShojo NEXT, alongside Kson. With her debut in July 2022, Nazuna quickly gained popularity within the VTuber community. Standing at 140 cm, she possesses a slim physique and stands out with her silver hair adorned with purple tips, heterochromatic pink and blue eyes, and a captivating cat-like smile. Nazuna's appearance is further enhanced by a slanted halo near her head and a wing on her shoulder. Her distinctive outfit includes a white frilly crop top with golden rings, unbuttoned black shorts, strapless low heels, and various lace and bow details. She carries a bronze key with a black lace bow, symbolizing her mysterious persona. Despite suffering from amnesia, Nazuna's sharp intellect and love for books make her a captivating presence in the virtual world.