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August 23, 2021

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Nanashi Mumei is an English-language VTuber associated with Hololive. Debuting as part of Hololive -Council- in 2021, she stands out from her fellow members as a living embodiment of mankind's efforts and the mark humans have left on the world. With the freedom to choose her own appearance, she took on an owl-like form, symbolizing wisdom. Nanashi Mumei is known for her gentle and wise nature, accompanied by an incredible work ethic. As a well-traveled vagabond, she possesses extensive knowledge of the world, although she has forgotten most of her experiences, including her own name. Despite projecting a pitiable aura, likely due to her occasional loneliness during her perpetual travels, Nanashi Mumei is a cheerful and caring individual. Her drawing streams often take a morbid and cursed turn, showcasing her fascination with the dark and twisted. She has a scatterbrained and introverted personality, frequently resorting to singing or making bird-like noises to fill the silence during streams. Nanashi Mumei's forgetfulness and introversion make her endearing to fans, and she deeply appreciates the support she receives from her viewers.