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January 9, 2021

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Na Sera is a female Korean VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji. She is known for her calm and light-hearted personality, although she can also be chaotic at times. Despite her adorable appearance and voice, Sera has a peculiar sense of humor and has a tendency to swear or shout loudly while playing video games. She is a self-proclaimed "seiso" but often becomes frustrated or menhera-like when things don't go as planned. Sera is a passionate supporter of her fellow Nijisanji Livers and frequently interacts with them on streams. She also has a close bond with ex-Nijisanji ID Livers, particularly ZEA Cornelia and Nara Haramaung. Sera's journey as a Liver started in 2021, and she has since reached several milestones in her career, including releasing cover songs, reaching subscriber milestones, and participating in events. She is known for her interactions with other Livers and her dedicated fanbase called "Kesera."