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December 9, 2020

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Mori Calliope, a female English-speaking VTuber, made her debut in 2020 as part of Hololive English first generation "-Myth-." Known as the Grim Reaper's first apprentice, Calliope decided to become a VTuber to harvest souls due to a decline in the reaping business caused by modern medical care. Despite her hardcore vocals and serious demeanor, Calliope is actually a gentle-hearted girl who deeply cares for her friends. With a cool and serious personality, Calliope impresses her fans with her musical talent and occasional gaming skills. She engages in thoughtful discussions and displays a playful side during collaborations with her genmates. A hard worker behind the scenes, she releases original songs and covers, capturing the admiration of fans and fellow Hololive talents alike. Calliope's unique character, with her low-pitched voice and mix of seriousness and playfulness, has made her a beloved member of the Hololive community.