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August 13, 2020

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Momosuzu Nene is a talented and cheerful Japanese VTuber who is part of the fifth generation of VTubers from Hololive. With a dream of becoming an idol and having her own anime opening song, Nene captivates her audience with her bubbly personality, love for singing and dancing, and her adorable clumsiness. She is known for her impressive gaming skills and often flirts playfully with her fellow Hololive members, creating fun and entertaining interactions. Nene has a strong following and is loved by fans worldwide, with her catchy catchphrases and endearing nickname "Worldwide Nenechi." Her dedication to her craft is evident in her singing ability showcased during karaoke streams and mini lives. Nene's passion for her fans shines through her lunchtime streams, where she chats with her viewers and expresses gratitude with a Super Chat thanking segment. Her unique charm and infectious energy make her a beloved figure in the virtual influencer community.