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🌺 Miyu 🌺 Artist 🍡20 | 🇲🇽 | Abril 7 🍡Me gusta dibujar 🍡Anime • Utaites • Vocaloid • K-pop

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October 30, 2020

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Miyune Kiuei is a female independent VTuber hailing from the United States. She gained recognition through her appearances in popular YouTube videos by Nux Taku and Filian's VTuber dating show, making her a familiar face among the VTuber community. Miyune is known as the first streamer to collaborate with the AI VTuber Neuro-sama, showcasing her pioneering spirit. Her streaming journey began in October 2020 on Twitch, where she streams from the moon to combat her loneliness as the only inhabitant there. Sporting a blue twintail-style haircut, Miyune dons futuristic white armor with a black bodysuit underneath, completing her unique and futuristic look. She even connected a long ethernet cable from the moon to Earth to ensure her dedicated mission of bringing smiles to people's faces. Miyune's love for crabs is no secret, and she even tried Pilk (Pepsi Milk) during her subathon, surprisingly enjoying the taste. She is also an advocate for pineapple on pizza and has showcased her gaming skills in Overwatch, mainly playing DPS or Winston. With her upcoming redebut stream on Twitch, Miyune's popularity continues to grow, and she remains an influential figure in the VTuber community.