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Yo-ho! I’m Miori, a beer-loving isekai adventurer VTuber/Vsinger!

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November 17, 2020

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South Korean-American

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Miori Celeste, a quest-loving explorer from an isekai universe, embarked on a journey to become an adventurer after leaving her role as a guild receptionist at her family's inn. Transported to the human world by a mysterious magical force, Miori is determined to explore the hidden adventures it holds. As a VTuber, she shares her thrilling experiences, showcases her impressive vocal range, and engages with her viewers through games, live song mixing, script writing, voice acting, and karaoke on her YouTube channel. With a bubbly and cheerful personality, Miori radiates positivity and reacts to teasing with high-pitched squeals and laughter. She is deeply appreciative of her viewers and expresses gratitude at the end of each stream.