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Moeka / MegaMoeka | Voice Actor

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November 4, 2014

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MegaMoeka, also known by her real name Moeka Hoshizora, is a talented voice actress who brings life to the characters Kawaii~Chan and Sasha. When she's not lending her voice to these beloved characters, she spends her free time as a VTuber, using a virtual avatar to connect with her fans. But her talents don't stop there – Moeka is also a talented singer and producer, showcasing her musical abilities under the name Starlight Station. While she may captivate her audience with her creative endeavors, it's worth noting that Moeka has made it clear on her Twitter that she is not dating anyone and is not interested in dating people she works with. Additionally, though not confirmed, her Twitter activity suggests that she may identify as bisexual. With her multifaceted talents and engaging personality, MegaMoeka continues to win the hearts of fans around the world.