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August 1, 2023

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Machina X Flayon is a male English VTuber and a member of the "TEMPUS" group endorsed by Hololive's branch HolostarsEnglish. With his energetic and high-strung personality, Flayon quickly captivates his audience. Although he can appear haughty and arrogant at times, he often surprises viewers with his wisdom. Having joined TEMPUS in January 2023 alongside Gavis Bettel, Banzoin Hakka, and Josuiji Shinri, Flayon showcases his prodigious piloting skills and a deep passion for adventure. His fanbase, known as "Machirons," adores his content, and he is part of various notable units and groups within the VTuber community. Flayon's journey as a VTuber has been marked by milestones, including hitting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.