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August 21, 2019

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Luis Cammy is a captivating Japanese VTuber associated with Nijisanji. She entered the scene alongside Matsukai Mao and Emma★August, forming the dynamic trio known as "Aka no Soshiki" (The Red Organization). Known by her pseudonym, Luis Cammy, she embodies the role of a female phantom thief, stealthily maneuvering through the shadows and infiltrating any location she desires. Her true identity remains a mystery, adding to the allure and enigma surrounding her. Since her debut on YouTube in November 2019, Luis has gained a devoted following and has established various connections within the virtual influencer community, including her involvement with "The Red Organization," "Crimson Reichenbach," "Flutoitoi," "Hario Family's Errands," and "Allexceed Familia." With a vibrant color palette dominated by #E86A74, Luis Cammy's striking presence continues to captivate audiences and further solidify her position as an influential virtual personality.