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🌟High school grad who accidentally fell into a surreal-ass future💫🔮 (Help 😅)

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June 27, 2019

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"City of Enlightenment"

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After graduating high school with no college plans in sight, Liv is feeling pretty directionless when suddenly…she falls into a strange portal that transports her all the way to the year 3000! She’s dazzled and dizzied by all the new things to explore—green toxic lakes, haunted buildings, trees with eyes, glowing portals that mutants and aliens come out of, old TVs on telephone poles that spy on all the citizens, a shadowy president with glowing orange eyes…okay, maybe it’s pretty messed up. What the heck happened here? Luckily, Liv makes a friend named Alix that lets her chill on his couch for the time being...but will Liv be able to find a way back home? Or when actually faced with that possibility, will she even want to go back to her boring life in the present? There’s a lot of weird, shady stuff happening here and Liv wants to get to the bottom of it. Good thing her phone is still conveniently connected to the present so we can follow along on her journey! Sourced from Shadows Interactive, creators of Liv.