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March 19, 2021

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Ashelia "Lia" Rinkou, an American VTuber, is a part of Phase-Connect's first generation, which includes other VTubers like Pippa Pipkin, Michiru Shisui, Tenma Maemi, Uruka Fujikura, Iori Hakushika, and Nasa Utatane. Lia debuted in June 2021 and has since uploaded shorts, game streams, and content related to anime/manga, meme culture, and internet culture. She has played a wide variety of games, including Little Nightmares, Genshin Impact, Among Us, League of Legends, and many others. Lia's goals include being a protagonist in a game tournament, becoming a voice actress for a game character, collaborating with a game/convention, releasing an original song, and acquiring Earth's most precious treasure. She has collaborated with Lua Asuka, Yura Rikudou, Katta, Athelia Hiroyuki, and other VTubers. Designed by Mins and modelled by 925_kuniko, Lia is known for her cheerful and laid-back personality as a "clumsy" special agent from another world. She is engaged to Lumi Ch.【Phase Connect】 and has various interests, including horror and fantasy games, iced coffee, custom keyboards, dancing/cosplay, Ensemble Stars, and Ishikawa Kaito.