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November 26, 2021

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La+ Darknesss, also known as Laplus, is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Hololive. She debuted as part of Hololive's sixth generation called Secret Society holoX, alongside other members. Laplus is a mysterious character with a sealed power and intelligence, not fully aware of the origins of her shackles. She is often accompanied by a crow. Laplus has a smug and arrogant personality, referring to herself with the pronoun "wagahai" and using terms like "kisama" when addressing others. She can be loud and expressive, especially when she loses in games or feels mistreated. Despite her appearance and child-like behavior, Laplus denies being part of the holobabies group. She has gained a significant following since her debut in 2021, and her unique character design draws inspiration from the concept of the Laplace Demon.