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March 17, 2017

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Hime Hajime, also known as Kson, is an English and Japanese-language VTuber and a member of VShojo. She initially gained popularity through game playthrough videos on Niconico Douga, where she showcased her language skills while engaging with the Japanese community. Kson's YouTube channel was created in 2017, and she continued to upload videos and livestreams, focusing on a variety of content, including English lessons and gaming streams. Over the years, Kson's channel grew, reaching significant milestones in terms of subscribers. In 2021, she announced her intent to stream regularly on YouTube and debuted a new bōsōzoku-style outfit. Kson's content evolved to include a satirical Morning News Digest called GMMF and the introduction of a chibi-styled model that fostered a father-daughter relationship with viewers. In 2022, Kson joined VShojo, expanding her reach and opportunities. She has become a notable figure in the VTuber community, captivating fans with her engaging personality and diverse content.