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March 5, 2018

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Kenmochi Toya is a male Japanese VTuber and a member of Nijisanji's second generation. As a sixteen-year-old high school student and a member of the kendo club, he is known for his low-key and serious personality. Toya enjoys watching live streams and was inspired to start streaming himself. Despite his serious nature, he has a sharp tongue and a hidden unhinged side that comes out when he plays horror games or teases other members. With a steadily growing following, Toya has reached significant milestones on his YouTube channel, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers over the years. He is also a member of the unit "ROF-MAO" alongside Kagami Hayato, Fuwa Minato, and Kaida Haru. Toya's popularity and unique personality make him a notable presence in the virtual influencer and VTuber community.