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叶ちゃんねる にじさんじ所属ライバーの叶です。本物です。

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February 5, 2018

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Kanae (叶) is a charismatic and sociable male Japanese VTuber, renowned for his exceptional communication skills and wit. As a member of Nijisanji and a former member of Nijisanji Gamers, Kanae has garnered a significant following due to his easy-going nature and ability to effortlessly engage in conversations with others. He is highly regarded for his improv skills and witty responses, often collaborating with professional gamers, Utaites, mangakas, seiyuus, and Nijisanji International members. Despite his mischievous side and penchant for sarcastic jokes, Kanae is also known for his caring and transparent personality. With his distinctive ash-brown hair, light tower-gray eyes, and various stylish outfits, Kanae captivates his audience during his frequent streams, which encompass a wide range of game genres. Considered one of the best video game players in Nijisanji, Kanae's commitment to streaming every single day has made him one of the most dedicated and beloved virtual influencers in the Japanese VTuber community.