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June 22, 2019

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Kanade Izuru is a male Japanese VTuber and member of Hololive's branch Holostars. With a cool demeanor, he never forgets to express gratitude to his viewers. Izuru has a deep passion for music and is known for his insightful and mature personality. He often provides thoughtful advice to his viewers and sets boundaries when necessary. Despite his serious side, Izuru also has a playful and cute streak, particularly during gaming streams and collaborations. He possesses a husky and nasally voice, which adds a distinctive quality to his singing. Izuru is not only skilled in playing the guitar but also the piano. He is known to be kind and caring off-stream, often giving sudden hugs and shoulder massages to his fellow Holostarsmembers. Izuru's interests align closely with fellow Holostarsmember Kagami Kira, and he has a strong bond with him. Izuru is also a black belt in karate and enjoys fishing, cooking, and foraging for wild vegetables. He graduated from university and holds a flexible vocal range, capable of disguising his voice as that of a girl's.