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April 30, 2020

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Kageyama Shien is a male Japanese VTuber endorsed by Hololive's branch Holostars. As a member of its third generation, Shien, alongside Aragami Oga, forms the duo known as "MaFia." Despite his tough demeanor, Shien is often described as dumb and naive, even by his fellow TriNero member Tsukishita Kaoru. He has a love for anmitsu and omurice but dislikes oysters. Shien's Twitter suspension led to playful jokes among fans, portraying him as a baby, with references such as baby bottles and pacifiers. He is known for using an echo filter on his mic during streams and owns a toy sword called DX Kageyama Blade. With his distinctive voice and entertaining personality, Shien has gained a significant following, captivating fans with his charm and humor.