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Planning to forge something? Nice to meet you, I’m an awesome blacksmith from holoID 3rd generation! 🔨 mama: @/suzupin on twitter.

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March 26, 2022

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Kaela Kovalskia is a talented and adventurous Indonesian VTuber associated with Hololive. As part of Hololive's Indonesian (ID) branch third generation of VTubers, Kaela made her debut alongside Vestia Zeta and Kobo Kanaeru. With a calm and composed demeanor, Kaela captivates her audience with her unique silent laugh and flirtatious interactions with viewers and fellow VTubers. She is renowned for her dedication to gaming, spending long hours on streams, and showcasing her expertise in various video games. Kaela's multiple personalities, including "Ckia," "Skia," and "Grandmaela," add depth to her character and provide entertaining moments for her fans. Her love for gaming, determination, and kind-hearted nature have earned her a reputation within the Hololive community, with fellow members seeking her assistance and recognizing her as a valuable collaborator. Despite her popularity, Kaela remains humble and patient, always striving to inspire others and build a positive community.