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josuiji_shinri Deep voice, cozy vibes ronin of HolostarsEnglish

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October 20, 2022

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Josuiji Shinri, a male English VTuber endorsed by Hololive's branch HolostarsEnglish, is a skilled member of the Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS. With the appearance of a wandering samurai, Shinri is widely known for his mastery of the longbow. After a period of isolation, he returned to his bow and arrow, inspired by witnessing young men fighting Corruption Beasts. Shinri's warm and fatherly personality makes him a voice of reason within TEMPUS, although he also possesses a sense of humor. He is deeply interested in the lore of games and his own branch, and his composed demeanor can be broken by moments of hilarity, unleashing a powerful wheeze. Since his debut in January 2023, Shinri has gained a significant following, reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers in May 2023.