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Official ironmouse VTuber/VStreamer, Artist, Singer, Voice Actress, Gamer

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September 27, 2017

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Puerto Rico

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Ironmouse is a renowned VTuber who captivates her audience with her delightful and humorous demeanor. Originally a shy and nervous streamer, Ironmouse has grown in confidence over the years, developing a lighthearted and funny personality that never fails to make her chat and streaming partners laugh. Ironmouse deeply cares about her friends and becomes saddened by any mean-spiritedness towards them. She is hardworking and dedicated, providing daily streams and content despite the challenges she faces. As a demon queen who escaped from Hell, Ironmouse is on a quest to explore the human world, make new friends, and have as much fun as possible. With her magical bells, she contains and controls her power, but removing them would unleash her true demon form. Ironmouse's journey as a VTuber has been eventful, marked by milestones such as joining VShojo and unveiling various 2D and 3D models. Her charisma and genuine love for her community have earned her a devoted following, and she continues to enchant viewers with her infectious energy and genuine gratitude for the support she receives.