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April 13, 2019

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Inugami Korone is a beloved female Japanese VTuber and member of Hololive Gamers. With her sweet and goofy personality reminiscent of an actual dog, Korone brings joy to her viewers through her adorable antics. She is fiercely loyal to her close friend Nekomata Okayu, forming a pair known as "OkaKoro." Korone's fondness for retro and niche games, as well as her love for American pop culture, sets her apart. While she may appear playful and sugary, Korone can also be nonchalantly terrifying at times, exhibiting a childish style of psychopathy. Despite her unique quirks, her cute and scary persona has only increased her appeal among her fanbase. Whether it's her catchphrase "Orayo!" or her love for boxing, Korone continues to captivate her audience with her energetic and unpredictable streams.