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Kaz/Kori | she/he/they/it ⭐19 🌜Youtube Streamer ⭐Character design is my passion

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August 21, 2016

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iKozmic is a 19-year-old YouTube streamer and virtual influencer who has captured the hearts of their viewers with a unique and chaotic channel. Known for playing games, creating commentary videos, and embracing random video ideas, iKozmic's content is a constant trainwreck and mess that keeps their audience entertained. With a passion for character design, iKozmic brings their creativity to life through their videos. They love Minecraft, tattoos, button pin collections, space aesthetics, and oversized hoodies and shirts. Despite their orientation as aroace, iKozmic proudly proclaims that they still "get bitches." Inspired by content creators like Jacksepticeye, Brittballs, HasanAbi, and Technoblade, iKozmic continues to make their mark in the virtual influencer world. Check out their YouTube channel and get ready for an entertaining and chaotic experience.