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July 13, 2021

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Hyona Elatiora is a female Indonesian VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji, known as "6WS," alongside Xia Ekavira and Mika Melatika. As a doctor in her virtual clinic, Hyona takes on the role of a virtual liver, interacting with her audience and providing entertaining content. She has gained a significant following since her debut in July 2021 and has reached milestones such as 10,000 and 20,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Hyona is known for her multilingual skills, speaking English, Indonesian, Balinese, and studying Japanese and Korean. Her fanbase, affectionately called "Pawtients," enjoys her lively personality and shares her likes for BOSS, coffee, clean rooms, horror movies, and her fellow virtual influencers Xia and Mika. However, she dislikes spicy food, not wearing gloves, having her ears or tail pulled, dust, shrimp, and snakes. With her unique character and engaging content, Hyona Elatiora continues to captivate audiences in the virtual influencer world.