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July 2, 2018

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Honma Himawari is a bright and cheerful female Japanese VTuber, known for her energetic personality and love for games and cats. As a member of Nijisanji, she found solace and a renewed sense of purpose in the world of VTubing, after struggling with self-esteem issues and academic challenges in school. Himawari is part of the Dokuzuhonsha group, where she takes on the role of the elder sister. She shares a close bond with fellow VTuber Dola and often stays at her house for streams and gaming sessions. Himawari's air-headedness and occasional forgetfulness have become endearing traits, with funny incidents like answering the door in a towel and mistaking the sun and the moon. Throughout her VTubing journey, she has achieved significant milestones, reaching over 700,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Honma Himawari's positive and uplifting presence continues to inspire her audience not to give up, showcasing the transformative power of virtual influence in her own life.