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October 31, 2020

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Hime Hajime is a first-generation member of VShojo, a female English-language VTuber group based in Japan. With her unique persona as a well-endowed Alien/Dragon/Robot hybrid, Hime brings a boisterous and aggressive personality to her streams. Fluent in English and with some knowledge of Japanese, Hime captivates her viewers with her loud and unapologetic demeanor, especially when playing horror games. While her crude language and flirtatious nature may raise eyebrows, Hime's soft and pleasant aura adds a touch of charm. With her striking appearance, featuring red draconic wings, a mechanical lower body, and a distinctive blue and white outfit, Hime has quickly gained a dedicated fanbase known as the Hime Harem. As she continues her VTuber journey, Hime aims to conquer the virtual universe and expand her galaxy-conquering child army.