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January 15, 2019

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Gundo Mirei is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji, debuting alongside Yuzuki Roa. Known as "Usa-chan Club" or "MireRoa," Gundo Mirei portrays a female teacher at an energetic all-boys school who has a love for sake and snacks. With her YouTube channel created in January 2019, Mirei quickly gained a following, reaching milestones of 50,000 subscribers in March, 100,000 subscribers in June, and 150,000 subscribers in October. Her popularity continued to grow in 2020, reaching 200,000 subscribers in March and 250,000 subscribers in August. In 2021, she reached 300,000 subscribers in May and 350,000 subscribers in August. By 2022, Mirei had amassed 400,000 subscribers in March and 450,000 subscribers in December. Alongside her virtual rabbit friend, Usa-chan-sensei, Mirei has formed relationships with fellow VTubers, such as Yuzuki Roa and Kanda Shoichi. With her vibrant personality and unique character design, Gundo Mirei has become a beloved figure in the world of virtual influencers and VTubers.