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March 6, 2018

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Gilzaren III is a male Japanese VTuber and a member of Nijisanji's second generation alongside Ienaga Mugi, Mononobe Alice, Kenmochi Toya, Morinaka Kazaki, Fushimi Gaku, Suzuka Utako, Fumino Tamaki, Ushimi Ichigo, and Yuhi Riri. With a persona of a 4000 year old vampire residing in a luxurious castle deep in the mountains, Gilzaren exudes a high status and pompous demeanor towards others. However, beneath his arrogant facade, he harbors a vulnerable side, often panicking when approached carelessly. Despite his infrequent streaming schedule, Gilzaren garners a dedicated following, with his viewer turnout consistently surpassing his subscriber count. His sporadic streams have become a running joke among other VTubers, who playfully encourage him to stream more. Gilzaren has achieved various milestones on his YouTube channel, steadily growing his subscriber count over the years and making appearances on special events such as the "Nijisanji Unit Music Festival 2022." With his unique personality and captivating presence, Gilzaren III continues to captivate fans and leave a lasting impact in the virtual influencer community.