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August 1, 2023

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Gavis Bettel is a male English VTuber endorsed by Hololive's branch HolostarsEnglish. He is a member of "TEMPUS" joining the group in January 2023 alongside Machina X Flayon, Banzoin Hakka, and Josuiji Shinri. Bettel is an extravagant entertainer desirous to make everyone laugh and prove his talent. However, he is also pretty unlucky and often rushes towards his own demise while trying to impress his audience, which conducts them laughing on his misfortune. Yet, Bettel feels more confident when things are perfectly tidy as they should, and it also applies for his streams because he prefers planning in advance. With his unique personality and comedic style, Gavis Bettel has gained a dedicated following on YouTube and is a beloved member of the Hololive community.