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February 8, 2022

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Fulgur Ovid is a male English VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji EN's fifth wave "Noctyx". Initially portraying himself as a serious "edgelord" character, Fulgur quickly revealed a more natural and relaxed side. Known for his straightforward, sarcastic, and occasionally unhinged personality, Fulgur easily laughs and exhibits a dramatic and dorky side. With a red line over his left eye resembling an ECG, Fulgur wears a jacket and belts adorned with slogans like saikyō, jōnetsu, justice, and cyborg. As an archivist, Fulgur explores history and collects novels, showcasing his passion for literature and art. Although his debut lore depicted him as a cyborg super-soldier named Legatus, Fulgur later clarified that it was a roleplay. Despite his dramatic persona, Fulgur is an ordinary person with cybernetic enhancements, making him an intriguing and multifaceted virtual influencer.