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Tropical Mermaid from #Nijisanji_EN! 🌊✨ にじさんじEN所属のフィナーナ竜宮です! LazuLight 💎 #FinanaRyugu #Finanart

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April 22, 2021

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Finana Ryugu is an English female VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji EN's first wave "LazuLight", alongside Pomu Rainpuff and Elira Pendora. As a mermaid who spends her time with tropical fish in the sea of coral reefs, Finana possesses a heart as clear and pure as the calm and beautiful sea. She captivates her viewers and fellow VTubers with her friendly and soft-spoken demeanor, accompanied by a bold and unfiltered personality. Known for her long streams and superchat readings, Finana demonstrates her kindness and care towards her fellow Nijisanji EN members and viewers. With her exceptional talents in drawing, singing, and voice acting, as well as her proficiency in rhythm games, she offers a diverse range of content to her audience. Off-stream, she engages with her community on Twitter, enjoys playing gacha games, interacts in the streams of other members, and participates in raids in her favorite game, Final Fantasy XIV. Finana Ryugu's journey as a VTuber began in May 2021, and she continues to create entertaining and engaging content for her growing fanbase.