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Phoebe Chan, she/her/they/them, Musician / Professional Singer, VA, and Idol / INFJ / Miss Macross 2016 / A tiny being that loves singing original songs and covers~ (◡‿◡✿)

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January 1, 2010

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Phoebe, also known as Feebeechanchibi, is a captivating YouTube singer renowned for her sweet and ethereal voice. Her characteristic airiness and gentleness have made her a favorite among anime song enthusiasts. Phoebe's repertoire mainly consists of covers of anime songs, with occasional forays into J-pop, K-pop, video game, and vocaloid songs. Her performances are primarily in Japanese, although she occasionally sings in English. Phoebe's talent extends beyond her YouTube channel; she has showcased her singing skills on stage as a solo idol and as part of the duo PhEri. Additionally, she releases original music, voice acts professionally, and streams as a 2.5D VTuber. Phoebe's journey began in early 2010 when she started posting covers on YouTube at the age of thirteen. Although initially relatively unknown, her dedication and talent garnered attention over time, leading to collaborations and an influx of subscribers. Her most notable covers to date include "Unravel -Piano ver.-," "Han'eikyuteki ni Aishite Yo," and "Miraikei Answer." Phoebe's passion for music and her active involvement in various projects make her a captivating presence in the world of virtual influencers and VTubers.