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FalseEyeD 👾 TVS – Host of "Things Vtubers Say"

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August 16, 2019

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FalseEyeD is a captivating VTuber known for his straight-forward discussions about Vtubers. While he maintains a mostly serious tone when delivering day-to-day news, he adds a touch of goofiness and engages in banter with the show's intern, EyeD, who is played by himself. False is dedicated to providing enjoyable content, whether through his own jokes or by reporting on the tweets and streams of other content creators. With his distinct appearance, FalseEyeD has two models—a traditional-looking robot model with a TV head and a mixed-and-matched design that gives him a unique, "stuck together" look, featuring a captivating purple, pink, and magenta color scheme. His android model, EyeD, maintains the same color scheme in a humanoid form, complete with robotic headphones and left arm, a vibrant jacket, and sneakers. FalseEyeD's streaming journey began in November 2019 on Twitch and YouTube, gaining popularity over time. With a commitment to ethical reporting practices, False prides himself on providing accurate information, avoiding speculation, and citing sources. He actively calls out plagiarizers and unethical practices while showcasing integrity as both a content creator and a fan of other VTubers. Notably, False has affectionately referred to Roboco-san as his "oshi" (favorite).