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August 17, 2019

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Emma★August is a female Japanese VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji, debuting alongside Matsukai Mao and Luis Cammy as part of "Aka no Soshiki" (The Red Organization). Self-proclaimed as the "Legal Loli Demon King" who escaped from the demon world, Emma★August has gained a substantial following since her YouTube channel's creation in August 2019. With various milestones such as the debut of her new year outfit, collaboration cover songs, and the release of her solo cover song "Onnanoko wa Dare demo," Emma★August continues to captivate her fans. She is known for her unique expressions, showcased in her 3D model and frequent costume updates. With her adorable pink mascot named "Stanley" and a fanbase known as "Geboku" (Servants), Emma★August stands as an influential presence in the virtual influencer community.