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November 14, 2022

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Doppio Dropscythe (ドッピオ ドロップサイト) is a male English VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji EN's seventh wave "XSOLEIL". Known for his energetic and eccentric personality, Doppio exudes self-confidence and delivers outlandish remarks with unwavering seriousness. His animated voice and exaggerated gestures add to his chuuni (eccentric) image, making him the most flamboyant member of Nijisanji EN. Despite his mischievous and chaotic nature, Doppio also displays surprising innocence at times. Since his debut in December 2022, Doppio has quickly gained a dedicated following, reaching significant milestones on both Twitter and YouTube. With a passion for voice acting, gaming, and otome games, Doppio captivates his audience with his lively streams and engaging content. As part of XSOLEIL, Doppio collaborates with fellow VTubers to create entertaining and memorable experiences for their fans.