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Dancer | I make VRChat contents! <3

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November 8, 2019

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Choobie is a small animal-tailed girl who captured the hearts of viewers with her adorable personality and love for exercise and dancing. Starting her journey in VRChat in October 2019, Choobie quickly gained a following through her Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts, where she shares videos of her cute and entertaining content. Her passion for staying fit is evident as she often joins workout sessions with Lahyx, and her addiction to milk and sweets only adds to her charm. Choobie's popularity reached new heights when she was invited to join the Loli Squad's dance party at their headquarters. In a heartwarming display of sibling unity, Choobie also organized a Koume Rally in VRChat with her 50+ siblings. With her infectious energy and delightful persona, Choobie continues to bring joy to her fans through her captivating virtual presence.