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The teenage hypebeast alien, not from here 🚀818-514-3693

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October 30, 2018

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Los Angeles, California, USA

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Astro is your best alien friend. He came to Earth a while back on a very specific mission, but got sidetracked by all the culture and creativity that his planet, Gemini, never had. He’s half-human and half-alien, making him feel like an outcast on both planets. So he created his own little home here on Earth, Lil’ Gemini. He doesn’t have a birth certificate so he can’t become a citizen, but good luck trying to catch him. Sourced from Shadows Interactive, the creators of Astro.

Astro lives a flashy but grounded life alongside the likes of Ben Baller, Nav Khuttan, Sean Wotherspoon, virtual human FN Meka, and more. Astro was born 50 lightyears from Earth on planet Gemini, has a cousin named Nebula, produces fresh low-fi beats, is a total foodie, loves shoes, and, above all, loves u. Fun fact: Astro is followed by Shudu Gram.

Shadows Interactive was founded by Dylan Flinn who moved on from an agent role at Creative Artists Agency. Award-winning animator Mark Paterson has made creative contributions to Shadows Interactive, according to Mark's portfolio.