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July 12, 2017

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Astel Leda (アステル・レダ) is a male Japanese VTuber belonging to Hololive's branch, Holostars. He is a member of the second generation, known as "SunTempo," along with Kishido Temma and Yukoku Roberu. Astel's past remains mysterious, and he often appears lost in thought, gazing at the sky with a determined smile. Despite his whimsical demeanor, Astel is a dedicated and hardworking individual who goes above and beyond to bring hope and joy to his fans. He takes great care in planning his content and is known for his mischievous side, whether it's inciting playful "fights" among his viewers or engaging in shenanigans during group collaborations. However, his deep love for Holostarsand its fans is always evident. Astel holds a black belt in karate and has accomplished remarkable feats during his streaming career, including a 24-hour singing stream and completing the Paldean Pokedex in a nonstop 45-hour Pokemon Violet session. Despite his compact height, Astel's charisma and determination have made him an invaluable member of Holostars, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.