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Argama Witch

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October 5, 2010

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Argama Witch is a female English virtual witch YouTuber who debuted in July 2018. She enchants her audience with her gaming skills and artistic creations. Seeking solace from the real world, Argama Witch often taps into her magical abilities to immerse herself in the virtual realm, occasionally bringing her husband along for the ride. Known for her mature and friendly big sister personality, her videos offer a calming atmosphere that is perfect for cozy binge-watching sessions. Argama Witch's sense of humor tends to lean towards the dark side, but she is not afraid to express her frustrations while gaming. Her recording setup is nothing short of magical, and she takes pride in her complex arrangement. Accompanied by her feline companion Saoirse, Argama Witch is an amalgamation of content, art, gaming, and manga, and has even created a comic featuring over 70 English Vtubers. She is an active member of various virtual influencer groups, including VSW, 1's Club, Univirtuals, and the Virtual Oneesans. Beyond her own content, Argama Witch is also involved in creating and taking commissions for many other vtuber models. Her trusted sidekick, Melly the Skelly, completes her virtual adventures. With her unique blend of witch and elf characteristics, Argama Witch continues to captivate and inspire her growing community.