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October 11, 2020

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Apricot the Lich, also known by her nickname Froot, is an English VTuber and illustrator hailing from England. She made her debut on November 27, 2020, as part of the first generation of VShojo, an American VTuber company. Apricot, a bittersweet Lich, spends her days in her underworld castle creating art and streaming on Twitch. With her soft-spoken high-pitched voice and calming demeanor, she captivates her audience as she engages in activities such as gaming, singing, and chatting. Apricot has a playful and cute personality, with a love for horror despite being easily scared. She stands out among her VShojo peers with her restrained use of profanity. Visually, Apricot possesses long pointed ears, four dark purple pierced horns, and tussled neck-length teal-colored hair with emerald green highlights. Her unique appearance includes bat-like wings and a fashion sense characterized by a short black and purple off-shoulder dress, spiked heels, and a silver crown with a skull motif. Apricot is an accomplished artist, gamer, and singer, and she aspires to create her own virtual fashion brand. Her genuine and charming nature has earned her a loyal fanbase, known as the Frootcakes, and she is cherished by her fellow VShojo members and many other indie VTubers.